A Network of Missouri family farms and ranches

Providing healthy beef to fellow Missourians through Show Me Beef™

About Us


The backbone of Show Me Beef™ is a network of family farms and ranches across Missouri who prioritize quality and doing things the right way. 

Our farms and ranches vary in size and location within the state, but share a common goal of providing healthy beef to fellow Missourians through Show Me Beef™.

Show Me Beef™ is processed locally at NextGen Beef.  NextGen Beef is an independent beef processing facility located in Pleasant Hope, Missouri. This plant is USDA inspected and has extensive state of the art food safety protocols in place to ensure the safest possible product.  We care about the animals, the environment, and the people that work in the plant.  The wastewater facility has been upgraded to ensure wastewater impact to the environment is minimized as much as possible. Limiting the trucking of feed and cattle greatly reduces the carbon footprint of Show Me Beef™.