A Product of Missouri, USA.

Born and bred in the state of Missouri.


Local Beef

Show Me Beef ™ is a product of Missouri, USA.  This beef is born and bred in the state of Missouri.  Its unique local focus enables Missouri beef producers the opportunity to supply beef to Missouri retail and foodservice establishments.


Quality Beef

Grain Finished to produce USDA Choice and Prime beef ensures the tenderness and flavor you would expect from Missouri Grown™ beef.  Show Me Beef ™ production standards ensure the highest culinary quality. This is the beef to buy when you are hosting friends and family. Specialized packaging and chilling technology at the plant helps maintain freshness and extend shelf life of the product.


Missouri Grown

Show Me Beef™ is certified to meet the standards of the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Missouri Grown program.  The Missouri Grown program is a state program that curates and promotes hundreds of agricultural products grown by the men and women of Missouri agriculture.  More information can be found at: MissouriGrownUSA.com


Family Farms

Missouri families are the backbone of Show Me Beef ™. Small multi-generational producers across Missouri are now able to take pride in providing their neighbors with wholesome, healthy, local beef. These families love the land, their animals and the great Show Me state and their dedication to quality is reflected in Show Me Beef™


Thriving Missouri Communities

When you buy Show Me Beef ™ you are able to connect with rural Missouri through a product you can savor and trust. Rural communities depend on local agriculture.  This beef keeps Missouri dollars in Missouri and gives you an opportunity to support sustainable agriculture and local communities.