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About the Business

Mark: We are a cow/calf and feedyard operation. I run the farm along with my two sons, Michael and Matthew, a hired hand (Pat), as well as my grandkids. My family has been farming for four generations, but Deshon Farms as we know it today started with me. I actually grew up in the area on a dairy farm milking cows, but started raising my own beef cows in 1979.

Now, both of my sons have their own farms, but they help me out almost daily with feeding. They grow most of the corn that I feed to my cattle. To see them working every day makes me proud and is what keeps me going. Working with family and seeing them grow, pull out of the driveway with all of their equipment and keeping things rolling is the biggest reward.

Why Show Me Beef?

Mark: It's a good feeling and exciting knowing that your beef is being sold right here in the state. Any time you can look at a steak in a restaurant or grocery store and know it's your product being served, it makes you feel good.

the proper thing to do

Mark: If there's anything that I want people to know about raising beef, it's that ranchers do a good job of taking care of their livestock. There's a lot of bad publicity out there about farmers, that we mistreat animals, but they really are raised humanely as possible. Most times, you take care of the cattle better than you do yourself!

On our farm, we are BQA (Beef Quality Assurance program) certified, including our hired help. We strive to ensure they have a good quality of life. Our operation has a hired nutritionist to make sure the cattle receive a well-balanced diet. When we're giving vaccinations or working with them, we approach the job with ease to keep them calm and reduce stress. We're out checking fences to make sure cattle can't get hurt. Our barns and lots provide the cattle comfort with sunshine, fresh breeze, and protection from the weather. Some areas of the barns have narrow slats to collect manure that is then used as fertilizer on our fields, and other areas have recycled rubber to give them a soft surface to walk or lay on. The bottom line is if you don't take care of your animals, you're not in business. Animal welfare is extremely important. It's just the proper thing to and you want to do it.

Deshon FFF

Terms you may not know:

Cow/Calf Operation - Cows are bred and calves are born and raised every year on cow-calf farms and ranches, spending time grazing on grass pastures within sight of their mothers.
Backgrounding - Backgrounding is a beef production system that involves maximal use of pasture and forages from the time calves are weaned until they are placed in a feedlot.
Feedyard - Cattle spend their final 4-6 months at a feedyard being fed a scientifically-balanced diet and receiving daily care.